Staff Listing

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Director, Utt Center for Adventist History 965-6471
Director, Library Media Services 965-7221
Director & Systems Librarian
Aviation, Chemistry, Computer Science, Emergency Services, Mathematics, Nursing & Allied Health, Physics
Director, Pitcairn Islands Study Center 965-6625
Access Services Librarian
Biology, Education, English & Literature, Environmental Studies, Exercise Science, Nutrition
Assistant, Library Media Services 965-7221
Acquisitions Technician 965-6638
Technical Services Librarian
*General & Multi-Subject , Business, Music, Psychology, Social Work
Special Collections Librarian
Communication, Film & Television, Freely Accessible Film Journals & Magazines, German 111, HIST 101 World Civilizations, Prof. Douglas, HIST 102 World Civilizations, Prof. Douglas, HIST 357 Civil War and Reconstruction, HIST 358 Recent America: 1945-Present, HIST 412 Seminar in Asian History, HIST/RELH 321: Reformation Characters, History, HNRS 380 International Cultural Experiences, HNRS 380 Seminar: Race & the American Century, HNRS Honors Project , Honors, Intro to Asia with Dr. Dickerson, Journalism, Oral Histories, Political Science, RELB 150 Encountering Jesus, RELB 370 Studies in Daniel, RELT 216 Introduction to Christian Ethics, RELT 220 Seventh-day Adventist Beliefs, RELT 240 Ecotheology, RELT 320 Philosophy of Religion, RELT 350-01 Christian Community, Theology, Visual Arts, World Languages & Cultures
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