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This page gives you a few interesting places to start your research for your German 111 presentations. All of the books, videos, and websites listed on this page are reliable and trustworthy. Of course there is more you can research through the library's website and online, but this is a great place to start thinking.
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Hammond world atlas. Published by Hammond World Atlas Corporation, 2008. Use this atlas to find maps of Germany and Western Europe. 

Atlas Obscura is a website that offers articles about strange and interesting places that are often overlook by your average atlas, map, or guidebook. Try searching for "Germany" and see the full list of articles they have. Many articles will be geography-related, but others will be useful for you later when you talk about art, literature, cuisine, etc.

The 10 Most Beautiful National Parks in Germany. This list includes photographs and descriptions of ten German national parks. Each entry points out key features that make these parks memorable and worth a visit. From this article you might pick one park to do further research into the natural features of the landscape and geography. 

Germany Adventures by Embark.org. Read the summary at the top of this adventure page for a great overview of German geography, with highlights on mountains, lakes, rivers, and grassland. Then scroll down for links to descriptions of different experiences you could have in many of these fantastic outdoor locations. For an example, check out this page about the Black Forest, which is the real place where fictional Hansel & Gretel got caught by the witch. 

Chiemgauer Alps. Here's a page written by mountaineers about the best places to climb, hike, and ski in the Chiemgauer Alps, a famous mountain chain in Germany. 

Saalfeld Fairy Grottoes. These are considered some of the most colorful caves in the world. 

Bastei Rocks formation. This travelogue entry includes many pictures and descriptions of a natural stone tower formation. Although the rocks are located in the "Saxon Switzerland National Park," they are indeed located in Germany. 

Germany: History, Geography, & Commerce. This 34-minute video highlights such significant events in Germany's history as the World Wars, the rise of Hitler, and the destruction of the Berlin Wall. It also describes Germany's geography and climate and looks at commerce, currency, travel, and transportation.

Julia Bradbury's German Wanderlust (BBC) (2010). Here is an 8-part YouTube playlist that shares a BBC program where Julia Bradbury travels through beautiful German landscapes such as the Bavarian Alps, the Rhine Valley, and more. 

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