Examples of Past Projects
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All honors projects are available to check-out at the library, 1961-present. Pacific Union College -- Honors projects.

  1. Song, Jihyuk. Corporate Responsibility In The Globalized Economy : Analysis Of Multinational Corporations.
  2. Navarro, Gisella. Foundations : How To Define And Reflect On Our Service To Others.
  3. Jahng, Kevin. Bridging The Gap : A Primer On Prosopagnosia And Philosophy Of The Mind.
  4. Cale, Harrison.  Self-Portraiture And The Artist : A Personal Journey Through The Honors Program.
  5. Manley, Brooke.  Seventh-Day Adventist Women And The Power Of Desire : An Untold Story.
  6. Melnik, Ella.  The Plague In Madagascar: A Biological And Political Examination Of Plague Prevalence In Madagascar.
  7. Mathe, Emily. Three Faces Of A Wanderer: The Persephone Myth In Poetry.
  8. Soderblom, Bryan D.  Get Your Head In The Clouds : The Application Of Experience Design To The Collegiate Flight Training.
  9. Hattendorf, Tara.  I See You Watching Me Watching You : How International News Coverage Of Ferguson Protests.

  1. Pean, Carl Eric.  Ecstatic Experiences And Ransom The Mystic In 'That Hideous Strength'.
  2. Davidson, Amber.  Effects Of Music On Brain Development, Plasticity, And Mental Health.
  3. Rasmussen, Annelise.  The Mad Scientist : Representations Of Chemists In Literature.
  4. Hall, Sarah.  A Biomathematical Exploration Of The Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever Virus : How Mathematical Trends Improve.
  5. Shuey, Nathan.  When Mythologies Mix : The Transformation Of The Orpheus Myth In The Middle Ages.
  6. Veszpeller, Rachel.  Voces: An Electronic Composition Based On Voices In English And Spanish.
  7. Morphis, Max.  The Deluge: A Work Of Historical Fiction In Seventeenth-Century Europe.
Submission Form

Download the "Honors Project or Thesis Submission Form" here. This form walks you through the process of submitting your project to the library to be archived. 
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Writing Abstracts

Download the handout with tips on writing abstracts. You will write and turn in an abstract with your final project.
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