1. How do I search for newspaper articles?

The library has several databases that include newspaper articles. Go to the databases page and select "News Sources" from the format menu. These databases can be searched by topic.

If you have a particular newspaper in mind, check the list of titles the library has available online.

You can also browse a list of local newspapers.

2. What is the Discovery search?

Discovery Search lets you use one search box to search most of the library’s databases simultaneously. You are searching dozens of resources including Academic Search Premiere, JSTOR, WorldCat, and CINAHL databases, as well as the library’s catalog.


Use this when you are getting started on a topic and are unsure which database to use or want to see a wide variety of resources.

Discovery Search results will include:

  • Articles
  • Books
  • Ebooks
  • Conference proceedings
  • Media
  • Dissertations

This is not a comprehensive search tool. When your topic is very specific you may also need to use a specialized database on that subject.

To make the most of Discovery Search, use the advanced search features and talk to a librarian.

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