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Instructions and Room Details

Library Rooms Available for Reservation

  Computer Lab Group Study Room A and B Penthouse Group Viewing Room
Location: Main Floor Main Floor 3rd Floor Lower Floor
Total Computers: 40 none none none
Wireless Internet: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wired Internet: Yes No Yes No
Laser Printer: No No No No
Flatbed Scanner: Yes No No No
Projector Screen: Yes No Yes No
TV/VHS/DVD: No No Yes Yes
Room Capacity: 40 10 35 10
Students can Reserve? No Yes Yes Yes

NOTE: Faculty/Staff may reserve the computer lab, Penthouse and small group viewing room; students/community may reserve the Penthouse and the small group viewing room only. Since these rooms are for the use of the entire campus, they are not scheduled for regular class use but are available for periodic use such as midterm exams, special class instruction or other intermittent meetings.

Additional items are available for use with room reservations include:

  • Laptop computer (with wireless or wired internet, CD/DVD player)
  • Video Projector (connects to laptop, TV, DVD)
  • Portable projection screen (for rooms without built-in screens)

Librarians are also available upon request for instruction in library resources and research methods or to be present during a class exercise to assist the professor and students as needed. The Computer Lab room will be staffed with a student worker or a library staff member available for assisting with technical issues.


The home page of the reservation system will always display the reservations for the current day and the following 14 days. Select the month to view the complete list.

  • Details - view the complete details of a particular reservation
  • Print - generates a web page suitable for printing as a sign to post

The menubar area has the following links:

  • Library Home - takes you back to the PUC Library home page
  • Current Reservations - shows the reservations for the current month
  • New Reservation - for making a new reservation (requires login)
  • My Reservations - shows only reservations you created (requires login)
  • Rooms & Help - this page here you are reading right now


  1. Click on the link in the menubar area, NEW RESERVATION. This will bring you to a login screen.
  2. First time users MUST create a new account by clicking on the "Create New Account" link below the login fields. Otherwise login with your email and password (this is not linked to the PUC email login so it may be different). Call the library help desk (6639) or email pbenner@puc.edu if you have trouble logging in.
  3. Fill out the reservation form and click submit. A copy of the reservation will be emailed to you immediately.
  4. If there are no problems with the form, you will see a success screen. From there you can view your reservations or you click on the menubar link to view all reservations to verify the reservation is in the system with the correct date and time.


  1. Click on the DETAILS link to the right of the reservation listing.
  2. Click on the EDIT link shown below the reservation details. This will bring you to a login screen. If you are not the creator/owner of the reservation then you will NOT be able to edit it.
  3. Make any changes needed and click SUBMIT.


Once you have added one or more reservations into the system, you may view and manage your reservations by clicking on the menu bar button called MY RESERVATIONS. After you login, you will be shown a complete list of all reservations added to the database by you sorted by date and then beginning time. You will see options to the right of each reservation:

  • Details/Edit - view the complete details of a particular reservation with an option to edit the information
  • Delete - removes this reservation from the database (permanently)
  • Print - generates a web page suitable for printing as a sign to post

You will also see a link at the bottom of the My Reservations page for adding a new reservation. This link will allow you to add more reservations without having to login each time since you are already logged in under My Reservations.


If you are still reading this help file, you might be interested in some of the improvements that are on the 'to do' list. Some of these are just brainstorming and may never be implemented - here they are in no particular order of preference:

  • [DONE]Add a tiny claendar to the top of the main page to make it easier to jump directly to a particular month rather than clicking next...next...next. The year will then have 'prev-next' arrows on either side for changing the year.
  • [DONE] Add an edit button to the details page so you can make changes to your own reservations (not to those you did not create).
  • Add a pop up message, "are you sure you want to delete xxxx reservation?" when you click on the delete link
  • Modify the New Reservation process to make it a 2 step process where you 1st select a date and a room. Then a 2nd page will come up with the rest of the reservations fields and on the side will be table of time slots for that day and that room. The already taken slots will be in red so you can see what times are available for your new reservation. This way you don't have to remember what was already listed on the main page.
  • [DONE] Modify the main page to display the reservations in red or put an arrow or something to mark those that are scheduled for that day so they really stand out. We don't want to miss them on the day they are happening.
  • Add a username to the display of various screens so you know if you are already logged in or if you are seen as a guest by the system.
  • [DONE]Add a "I forgot my password" link to the login page - and make it easy to change your password if you know your email and PUC ID#, otherwise have it email the system administrator with a password change request. (The passwords are encrypted and cannot be unencrypted even by the system admin).
  • Add intelligent checking of the information put into the reservations form to check for incorrect information - such as too big a number in the group size field for a particular room, or putting the ending time earlier than the beginning time, etc.
  • [DONE]Add date/time conflict checking with reservations already in the system. Currently, 10 teachers could all pick the same date and same time slot and the database won't care one bit...but WE will. Since our volume is low, we will rely for now on double checking ourselves for any conflicts but we will be automating this conflict checking as soon as possible (but we didn't want to delay using the system any longer).
  • Add additional sorting options for displaying the reservations by clicking on the column headings...though I don't know how necessary this would be...we'll see how much demand for it there is.
  • Make other internal modifications/improvements to the code structure that I won't bore you with here since users won't see any of that part of the site (well, unless you're the nerdish type who frequently use the 'view source' menu in your browser).
  • Implement a record locking strategy at the UI level rather than just relying on the MySQL database record locking level to prevent 2 users from starting an edit session on the same record and having one overwrite the other's modifications. This would ideally be done with AJAX-type background client side processes that locks out the EDIT link when that record has already been requested for editing and then returns the EDIT link functionality when the other user finishes editing and submits his updates or the other user's session times out (an arbitrary length, say 2 minutes).
  • Add an administrator mode for librarians to perform global tasks on reservations, people, and resources in the database from an admin web page (rather than having to go directly to MySQL manually).
  • Add an administrator module for emailing messages to users of the system to All users or to any combination of Faculty, Staff, Students and Librarians.
  • [DONE]Add a pop-up when clicking PRINT that provides an option to include the record's note on the printed sign.
  • Add breadcrumb trail above the reservations listing for easier navigation.

Please feel free to send suggestions, comments, problem reports, complaints, diet caffeine-free cherry coke, etc to Patrick Benner, Systems Librarian.

UPDATE HISTORY (latest changes at top)


  • Fixed a bug where last year's reservations were showing up along side of this year's ones starting in Sept.
  • ENHANCMENT: reservation times can now be specified down to the quarter hour up to 11:45 PM.


  • Added a Community status option which will have the same limits as students (no reserving the main computer lab).
  • Added a DELETE option in the details screen so you don't have to login and go to My Reservations in order to delete a reservation. You will have to login to do the actual deletion.


  • Fixed a bug when editing a reservation that made the room always set to Computer Lab rather than showing the current room value in the pop up list.
  • For librarians editing a reservation, the pop up list of user names available for reassigning the reservertion owner is now sorted by last name.
  • Added check during creating new reservations to not allow users with student status to reserve the Computer Lab per library policy. When a student attempts to reserve the computer lab an "I'm sorry" page comes up.


  • Changed the main display to only show those reservations that are current and to NOT show any expired reservations by default. A button to also show expired reservations for the current month was added to the bottom of the page. Clicking PREV or NEXT sill works as expected without having to use the SHOW ALL link. This makes it much easier to focus on the important information on the main page
  • In MY RESERVATIONS changed the DETAILS button to DETAILS/EDIT to make it more obvious that you CAN edit a reservation after the fact by going to the details screen. I've noticed several people adding a reservation and then adding a 2nd one a minute later with a few changes and deleting the 1st one rather than just editing the existing reservation.


  • Fixed a bug where the note for a reservation was not stripping out the MySQL slashes in the text when the confirmation email was sent out. So, DON'T was showing up in the email as DON/'T because that is how MySQL stores ' and " in a text field by preceeding them with slashes.


  • Fixed a bug in the editing page where the creator of the reservation (was being mistakenly changed when a librarian was editing a reservation not created by them.
  • Fixed a bug when a user went from HOME -> DETAILS -> EDIT -> LOGIN -> NEW ACCT it gave an incorrect error that the user's password/username was not valid even though the user's acct was actually added to the system correctly.
  • Changed the return path when creating a new acct from the DETAILS -> EDIT -> LOGIN instead of returning the user to the EDIT page after creating the new acct it returns him to the DETAILS page. This is because if he is creating a new acct then he obviously will not be the creator of that reservation and will always get a SORRY CAN'T EDIT message anyway so there's no point in trying to send him back to the edit page.
  • Added new feature for librarians to allow them to reassign the owner of a reservation to another user when editing a reservation.


  • Fixed a bug where users with email addresses longer than 15 chars could add reservations and they would go into the database but they never displayed on the home page. Any email address up to 30 chars are now ok.
  • Fixed a bug where a starting time of 12 noon would show as 12 AM instead of 12 PM.
  • Added a feature that makes reservations show up in red that are scheduled for that day.


  • Fixed a bug where the date on the print reservation page was displaying the wrong date.
  • Finished code for a new feature that adds an EDIT button in the details page. Only a user who created the reservation is allowed to make modifications. Librarians are also able to make modifications on all reservations.
  • Fixed a bug where the 'Group Viewing Room' was showing up on some pages as 'Riggs Room'.

Current Reservations